Social studies is made hilarious


A 45 minute assembly show for elementary kids.

American History is hysterical when Uncle Sam is your teacher


Don’t you love Google? If you’re reading this you probably searched for “fan-edu-terical” assembly show (that’s fantastic, educational and hysterical combined together, but you knew that). Or maybe you searched for great shows for schools, or best assembly show, or fun school shows. It doesn’t really matter. Google just presented you with the best result. “Fan-edu-terical” assembly shows. Add to that spectacular, engaging, and fun and you found Uncle Sam’s Comedy Jam Show. It’s my American history program for elementary school assembly shows. Ready to learn about it? Lets go!

The Constitution and Bill of Rights becomes much easier to understand, even for primary students!

“Our teachers want you to put this show on a DVD so they can show it over and over again in class. That’s the only thing that would make this assembly show better. “

– Ken Madeline, former principal, Mark Twain Elementary, Fraser, Michigan

I can bore your kids until they fall asleep

As an assembly performer for over 30 years, I know how to bore kids. I really do. That’s right. I know what makes them roll their eyes, yawn, and daydream about which episode of SpongeBob SquarePants is their favorite.  That’s the kind of stuff every great school show presenter needs to know to be successful. And when it comes to American History lessons, every teacher can get kids’ eyes to glaze over in five seconds.


But I also know how to make them laugh, beg for more and pray that they get called upon to help out on stage. I turn the Bill of Rights into birthday presents that kids get to “take” home. The Constitution becomes a “dangerous” stunt that guarantees your students will remember that the three branches of our government are balanced and share their powers equally. Ever get splashed with with a few drops of Powerade? Some kids will when they learn about popular sovereignty. You’ll watch them scream with excitement and your teachers will praise the brilliance of these lessons.

“For six straight years our teachers requested that I bring this show back to our school and the kids loved it every year. Many students even started asking me when Uncle Sam was coming back and if they could help out. Doug has taken dry history lessons and made them so much fun with his humor, tricks, and colorful visual aids. Any school that books this show will love it and the teachers will be so grateful that they don’t have to teach these lessons.”  

– Shelly Bush, assembly coordinator, Silver Springs Elementary, Northville, Michigan

When you’re ready to put this show on your school’s assembly schedule, just fill out our contact form and I’ll rush information to you immediately. Or call me and I’ll answer all of your questions. Doug (248) 891-1900

Teachers breathe a huge sigh of relief.

students laugh with social studies show

Teachers love Uncle Sam’s Comedy Jam because schools need to fulfill the federal requirements of teaching the Constitution every year. This show does that “fan-edu-terically”.

Constitution Day is September 17th and the two weeks surrounding that date are always sold out so you need to call early if you want a date then.  I’ll provide preview and review sheets the teachers can use to fulfill their requirements regardless of the date you schedule. But this assembly show is also available anytime of the year to support classroom lessons and is perfect for election years, Presidents’ Day, Veterans’ Day, and Memorial Day celebrations in school.

There’s a hunk of dried toothpaste at the bottom of your sink.

Uncle Sam’s Comedy Jam show is an absolute blast. It’s a comedy show that’s not just a party, it’s an absolute laugh riot. And do you know that hunk of dried toothpaste you’ve seen at the bottom of your sink? Is that a part of a government conspiracy or just an insane lesson about government powers? You’ll need to see this show to find out. There’s lots more too:


The Declaration of IndependenceDemocratic Values
The Articles of ConfederationCommon Good, Justice, Equality
The Thirteen ColoniesThe Framers
Shays’ RebellionThe Constitutional Convention
The Constitution & Bill of RightsAmendments and Rules
Problems of the ColonistsPatriotism and Symbols of Freedom
The 3 Branches of GovernmentSeparation and Balance of Powers

Now it’s your turn

Give you teachers a gift and make their jobs easier by scheduling this American History assembly show for your elementary school.  I promise your teachers will thank you and your students, from kindergarten through sixth grade, will have a great time.

Ready for an assembly show that’s “fan-edu-terical”? Let’s coordinate schedules. Give me a call today (248) 891-1900 or request even more information by filling out our contact form and I’ll rush info back to you immediately.