7 of the Best School Shows to Support Your Classroom Curriculum

Live and virtual assembly show options are available.


Wacky Science

Up to fifteen elementary students participate on stage in wacky and off-the-wall, hands-on lessons while discovering that simple household items can be used to perform quirky & crazy science experiments.


Superhero Math

Throughout this math school show fourteen kids participate on stage, then everyone takes home top-secret instruction sheets so they can prove to their families that the real math superhero is living under their roofs.


The Magic Bookshelf

A 45-minute show all about books and the treasures that can be found in the library. Your students learn that all books are filled with adventures, secrets and magic. They will discover that the secret to anything can be found in a book.

children having fun at social studies show for school assembly

Uncle Sam’s Comedy Jam

Teachers love Uncle Sam’s Comedy Jam because schools need to fulfill the federal requirements of teaching the Constitution every year. This show does that fan-edu-terically.

children intently watching best environment show for schools

Dumpster Doug

45 minutes of magic, comedy and audience participation all blended together to teach kids about the earth, pollution, and what they can do to help save the environment. Can be performed as a virtual show too.

Memory Madness

Learn the secrets to a photographic memory and become a super student! When memory techniques are turned into a game, everybody wins. Kids will apply these lessons to their studies and increase their comprehension in every subject.

“A Doug Scheer show is a guaranteed success in your school! As an elementary principal, I am always looking for good-quality shows for my students. Unfortunately you never know what you’re going to get until it’s too late, after the show! Doug and his shows are a sure bet! The kids will love him for the exciting, hilarious entertainment! The teachers will love him for his funny and positive interactions with students! You will love him for his great message to students and his professionalism! We invite Doug each year for a different show (they are all good!) and each year the students are more and more amazed!”

– Sam Argiri, Principal, Emerson Elementary School, Fraser, Michigan


Adventures in Reading

Comedy, outrageous fun, and language arts games combine to get kids excited about reading. You’ll never see nouns, verbs, and punctuation the same way ever again! Can be performed as a virtual assembly program too.

Clients Raving about My Curriculum Shows

“You will not be disappointed with a Doug Scheer Assembly or show!¬† I am currently the principal of an elementary school and over the past several years we’ve had Doug visit our school several times and we keep bringing him back because everyone loves his wit, sense of humor, friendly demeanor, and the variety of content in each of his shows.¬† I can’t think of a better presenter to bring in for a day or evening of learning fun and excitement.”

– Steve Massengill, Principal, Foote Elementary, Allen Park, Michigan

“As a new Principal, I had to rely on my colleagues for guidance in finding good assembly shows. Doug Scheer’s name was mentioned more than anyone else–and now I know why.”

–¬†Principal Eriksson Elementary, Canton

Math, Science, Reading, History, Environment and Memory shows for elementary assembly programming. We are again bringing our assembly shows live to your schools and are happy to follow your district’s safety protocols. Let’s discuss your needs and concerns. I promise to make everyone feel comfortable and safe!