Don’t ever settle for just any magic show.

They are not all the same.

Okay, good enough or great. Those are your choices, really. When you’re looking for an entertaining assembly show or magic show for your students in Michigan and surrounding states the first thing you need to do is decide how good you want the performance to be. There are a lot of magic shows that get kids excited and screaming, but those programs usually just give the adults headaches. That’s not a lot of fun–for anybody over the age of 7.  Leave those acts to the birthday parties.

You want a show that’s hysterical for kids, but just as funny and entertaining for your teachers and other adults, right? Well, just like magic (poof) you found what many say is one of the best family comedy magic shows you’ll ever see.

“We’re in a position to hire the best acts from around the country and we’ve seen dozens upon dozens of shows…some internationally known.  Doug’s performances for our families drew more compliments from the parents than we’ve ever had before. You can only imagine how thrilled we were to get that kind of feedback.”

– Christine Delaney, Artistic Director, Tibbits Opera House, Coldwater, Michigan

“Doug was the absolute hit of our family night event. I saw a few adults actually crying from laughing so hard and the kids couldn’t get enough. We all needed this.”

– Lisa Francisco, Alaiedon Elementary, Mason, Michigan

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Giant Underpants in an elementary school magic show? Of course.

Laugh Factory show at big mall

I know what kids like. I know what makes them laugh in hysterics and I promise, you’re teachers will laugh too. Smelly tennis shoes, the world’s largest pair of underwear, exploding soda cans, and a 30 second game of toilet paper basketball make up just a small part of the magical insanity. Add to that a smashed up banana, tons of audience helpers and the most ridiculous prize you’ve ever seen and you have the makings of a show that kids won’t ever stop talking about. I promise there are no cliché magic tricks or anything that might embarrass anyone. There are just 45 minutes of nutty wackiness, non stop laughter, and crazy hilarity.

“There had to be at least 60 parents who told me this was the best show we’ve ever brought to our library.  Everybody, and I mean everybody, had an absolute blast. We will have Doug back as a regular addition to our summer programing.”

– Cathy Jurich, Children’s Librarian, Dexter District Library, Michigan

“I think we’ve had every magician in Michigan perform for us over the years. Doug Scheer’s Laugh Factory show was, by far, the best. There’s not a dull second. I don’t think calling him a magician is fair though. The show is so much more than that. We will be calling him again.”

– Bob Barringer, PhD, Director, Schultz-Holmes Memorial Library, Blissfield, Michigan

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Amazed audience at Doug Scheer show

Try to surprise me.

It doesn’t matter if your group is 300 sixth graders, 80 preschoolers or something in between, I’ve done it all. I’ve performed versions of this show for prison inmates, atop a banquet buffet table (yes, standing on the table as people walked by and took potato salad off a plate at my feet–yuck), at Holy Communion parties, cub scout Blue and Gold banquets, and in huge auditoriums and beautiful theaters. Give me a group of kids or even better, a group of kids with their parents and I promise that everyone is going to walk away having had a great time.

Want to make it more affordable?

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