I can help you find the best live or virtual assembly programs for your elementary and middle schools.

Let’s Do This One Step at a Time:

STEP 1: Browse all 12 of my programs. Click on the show logo for more info about each show. I know you’ll find something you’ll love. (But choose two or three — you can fill your whole year right here.) And remember, we can even do some of these shows virtually, so consider those for your at-home learners and family night events too.

STEP 2: See if these shows fit your budget. You’ll see the pricing information here for Southeast Michigan Schools. Ask about our discount pricing and special offers while you’re there.

STEP 3: Let’s set something up. Send me a quick email (or fill out any of the forms) and I’ll get right back to you. Tell me what month(s) you’d like some shows too. Let’s do this!

– Doug

Expect spectacle. When you choose any of these school shows, you can expect your students to see much more than a small little program that fits in a suitcase. We’ll bring a van and trailer full of props and start our set up 45 minutes before showtime. These shows start with a “wow.”  You’ll hear that as soon as the teachers and kids start to find their seats – and it continues until long after the performance is over. Guaranteed-Great isn’t just a slogan. It’s a promise we live up to every day.

And looking ahead, now through the 2025-2026 school year we will still be offering some shows that can be available streamed to you live as virtual school shows. Let’s chat about those.