The Super Student Memory Show is perfect for elementary school programs.

Memory Madness school show

Students learn memory skills for better comprehension.

I know what you’re thinking. I can read your mind.

You’re thinking, “Yuck! You’ve got to be kidding, right? A memory assembly show for elementary students? There’s no way that could ever be entertaining or fun.”

So, am I right? Were you thinking that? I’ve actually heard those sentiments many times from teachers when they confess those were their thoughts as they filed into this educational assembly show. But then by the end, they were believers –believers that they and their students didn’t want this show to end.

“This could very well be one of the most important assembly shows students will ever see. The lessons learned here are tools that can be used for a lifetime.”

– Michael Stanton, Former Principal, Elms Road Elementary, Swartz Creek, Michigan
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It started with a 1970’s TV show.

Memory has always been a hobby of mine. Way back in the mid 1970’s when I was home after school one day, my mom turned on The Mike Douglas Show, one of the original daytime talk and variety shows on afternoon television. In one of the segments a renowned memory expert, Harry Lorayne, was showing the studio audience how to memorize anything. That day it was the names of the first ten American presidents. I was in fourth grade and I never forgot it. That man took something as boring as a list of presidents’ names and made them unforgettable. Today, 30 plus years later, I relive that moment every time I show elementary students how exciting it is to tap into the natural photographic memory skills that everyone has.

I’d love to show your students too. Just fill out the contact form, or call me, Doug Scheer, at (248) 891-1900 we can coordinate calendars and pick the date that’s best for your school.

It’s an assembly show for your entire K-6 school.

memory game show for schools

Of all my twelve assembly shows, this one is the most demanding. It takes concentration when I demonstrate to your students how to memorize everything from a dozen toys in a toy box, to the order of the planets, to the capitals of the states. Then kids learn how to apply these lessons to their classroom activities, study habits, and homework assignments making them super students!

The fun includes tons of audience help, wacky props, buzzers and lights along with upbeat music all as a part of this television-styled game show. Once all the lessons are taught and carefully practiced, three student contestants square off for a grand prize with the audience itching to shout out their correct, and newly memorized answers. And don’t be surprised if you see a kindergartener beat a fifth grader! That happens all the time.

“Our school district has booked Doug Scheer many times and have seen most of his shows in our elementary schools over the last several years with his most recent presentation being Memory Madness. He is thoughtful in his presentations- from the jokes for the kids (and teachers), the music choices that add to the program’s excitement, and his hilarious interaction with the audience. Doug’s shows are appropriate for all elementary grade levels. They are engaging, educational, and so much fun! Doug, himself, is a joy to work with when you are looking to book and bring in a show. He is flexible, dependable, and just a great guy. Any assembly that Doug Scheer delivers to your school will be top-quality, highly-interactive, and an experience with lessons that students will remember long after their time in elementary school is done!”

– Tessa Greathouse-Sheldon, teacher, St Joseph Schools, Michigan

Comprehension gets better too

Memory Madness makes the same goofy and silly memory techniques you may have used to get through college, easy to understand. Do you remember this?

My Very Eager Mother Just Served Us Nine Pizzas.

That was the sentence you may know from third grade when your teacher gave you a trick to remember the order of the (then nine) planets in our solar system. (The first letter of each word is a clue to the name of the planets.)  If you still remember that today, that’s because it really works. Memory Madness, The Super Student Memory Show is filled with little tricks that get students excited about learning. These tricks make memorization fun! And when your students learn the quick and effective visualization techniques I teach they’ll be able to apply the lessons whenever they read a book, making their comprehension stronger and their understanding easier. Perfect as a March Is Reading Month assembly show or as a reward assembly for your elementary, Memory Madness is guaranteed great.

Give me a call today at (248) 891-1900 or fill out the contact form and we can schedule a performance at your school. We travel throughout Michigan regularly but will happily bring this show to you no matter where you are. Call today. Do it now….before you forget.