Effective Bully Management Show for Elementary Schools


You have instances of social aggression at your school, but it seems everyone is offering a “bully prevention” school show nowadays.

So how do you find the show that’s best for Red Ribbon Week or anytime of the year?

Here’s what you need to know:

Kids don’t respond well to bully proofing lectures. Even research indicates that youth are more likely to be bullied at schools with anti-bullying programs, than at schools with no program at all.

comedian for schools anti-bully

And students get bored, restless and stop listening to the “Don’t do this” kinds of lectures. So what works best?

You need a show that’s been proven in over 1500 performances and praised by teachers, school counselors, and principals.

What makes the Mystery of the Super Character Surprise so wonderful? We know what good educators know: Kids learn best when they are active parts of the lesson. Students have a chance to apply the knowledge and skills we teach to manage their emotions and achieve personal goals of safety, demonstrate empathy, and make choices that reflect responsibility and compassion. This is Social Emotional Learning (SEL) in action.

Bullying Mitigation Assembly For K-6 Focused on Communication Skills and Effectively Using Character Traits.

“The Mystery of the Character Surprise” show is a fifty-minute elementary assembly program that gives kids a chance to practice the SEL skills they need to stay safe and create empathy and understanding. This empowering show teaches students how to be assertive when facing social aggression.

When the show starts, you’ll laugh along with Spike, a trouble-maker, as she picks on and aggravates the problem-solving leader of this interactive magical play, Detective Les Trouble. But then you and your students will quickly realize that by laughing at Spike’s antics, nothing is being done to help poor Les. Ignoring a bully doesn’t work either: ignoring is the same as supporting the troublemaker.

Character assembly to stop bullies

So what’s a kid supposed to do when a bully shows up?

The secret to confronting social aggression turns out to be using character traits and making good choices. Responsibility, assertiveness, cooperation, caring, courage and respect are just a few of the tools your students will practice on stage. Audience volunteers demonstrate how to stop Spike from bullying Les and ruining the entire assembly show. This show empowers students with the social and emotional skills they need to stand up for themselves and others.

Your students will model the effective communication skills useful in bully prevention.

You, along with the students and teachers, are going to absolutely love this dynamic duo as they help kids demonstrate how to be assertive with bullies. Kids find out that sometimes people make mistakes and hurt others, but with understanding, people can work together to keep their schools safe and bully-free.

“The teachers are amazed, not just by the incredible production value of this school show, but by the acting and writing. The way you hooked the kids, drew them into your world, then gently but firmly explained the key lessons was nothing short of brilliant.  During the story of how you were bullied, the kids sat in stunned and enraptured silence. We’ve never seen an assembly show like this before. We love what you’ve done for us today.”

– Sandy Joslin, teacher, Southwest Elementary, Howell, Michigan

When you’re ready to keep your students 100% engaged, completely enthralled, and itching to get involved, give me, Doug Scheer, a call at (248) 891-1900. Or click the button below and fill out the contact form and I’ll take it from there.

bully protection with character traits show

Let’s work together to arrange a date that’s best for your school. We travel extensively throughout Michigan and the surrounding states of Illinois, Indiana, Ohio and Pennsylvania regularly, but we often tour outside the Midwest as well. Contact me to arrange a visit.

Effective Messages that Last!

We pack this show with powerful tools and great information: elementary students learn the difference between tattling and telling, how to identify bully behavior, what to say to a bully, and how to safely but assertively help others who are being bullied, before getting adult help. But there’s so much more. Fifteen volunteers are chosen to become a part of the action on stage and participate, hands-on, in these lifelong lessons:

  • Identifying social aggression and dominance behavior
  • Real-life stories and theatrical examples of verbal, physical, & social bullying
  • The relationship of the bully, bystanders, and target
  • Safe, teacher-approved solutions using cooperation and teamwork
  • What to say and do when a bully shows up
  • When to get an adult’s help

Role-playing, hysterical situational humor, and spectacular illusions and effects demonstrate and help students fully grasp all the vital concepts of this empowering character show. Yes, it uses magic and surprising illusions but it’s not a magic show. The tricks are used to demonstrate the messages. It’s a lot of fun but with a serious message presented in a way that doesn’t preach, judge or scold.

We keep the kids (and teachers) captivated! Guaranteed!

magician for elementary shows character

With over 30 years in the business, we are experts at keeping the show fast-paced, exciting and positive. It’s a perfect complement to your school’s character-building lessons because we use all the latest research and current terminology to demonstrate how to stop a bully and keep schools safe. This life skills show can be presented as a whole school assembly or split to K-2 and 3-6 grades, making the age-appropriate lessons easier to master. Ideal as a Red-Ribbon Week assembly or an educational family night presentation, “The Mystery of the Character Surprise” school show is guaranteed to get your students to take action and keep themselves and others safe every day.

When you want more, we’re ready to deliver.

character traits play

You’re going to love this “How to Effectively Communicate with a Bully Show” so much that you’ll want to invite us back to present our followup conflict resolution school show, The Adventures of Les Trouble, P.I. (Problem Investigator).  The same great, lovable characters return, but this time the message is about how leaders solve problems. Plus Michigan schools can save money with special pricing for our two assembly show package offer. Click the button below and fill out the contact form, or call me, Doug Scheer, at (248) 891-1900 and I’ll rush pricing over to you immediately.

A personal message from Doug Scheer:

As a child I was bullied in elementary school and again in middle school.  I was too scared to tell anyone about the bully and how I was being picked on so I was a target for a long time. I made many mistakes in dealing with my bullies so that I can understand exactly what kids are going through when they are bullied today.  I know the fear, the guilt, and the shame a child feels when being bullied so when I perform at your school, my message is 100% heartfelt and sincere. Your students will hear my story and when they do, I promise they will be riveted to it because it hits home. Your students will be able to imagine themselves in the same situation. It’s my hope that they will learn from my mistakes so they don’t have to go through what I went through.

My partner in the show, Lise Lacasse, is not only an excellent actress but she was actually a real bully in her elementary school days. Her mother tragically died when Lise was only eight so she expressed her grief by picking on others. Even though she was a straight A student and a pretty little red-head, she was hurting inside. Today, she only plays a bully on stage, but she comes across as lovable. We created her character that way because bullies are victims too and they need empathy and support if they are ever going to get real help.  Fate brought us together to share our message with your students. When we come to your school it’s our goal to not just do a fun assembly show that teaches the safe way to stop a bully, but to also make a lasting impression and a difference. We hope to see you soon. Thanks. – Doug Scheer