A Halloween Magic Show


Give your elementary students a fun show they will never forget with lessons your teachers will praise as perfect.

Scare up Halloween Safety

halloween magic show for schools

Ask any kid to list which holiday is their favorite and Halloween will come out on top of that list. Halloween has turned into a month long event, with theaters, parks and recreation departments, churches and neighborhoods planing trick-or-treating  events throughout October. It’s the number one insulin spiking event of the year, so why not fuel that rush with a magical event that goes way beyond the typical rabbit-out-of-the-hat magic show? Kids have already seen that kind of act at their friends’ birthday parties. Do something different.

Magic, comedy, and a super silly witch keep even adults on the edge of their seats wondering, “How do they do that?”

“Doug Scheer’s Assembly Shows are the most amazing and entertaining shows that have a powerful impact for the audience!  Kids and adults are riveted by his magic tricks and messages.  These assemblies are packed with messages on how to treat others with respect, love, kindness, forgiveness and so much more!  We just saw Halloween show and it’s great. It’s filled with fantastic messages, great belly laughs and energizing fun for all ages!”

– Tracy Hjorth, PTA, Oakley Park Elementary, Walled Lake, Michigan

Halloween safety mixed with lessons of perseverance

Elementary assembly shows should fun but also educational. Teachers can’t afford to waste precious classroom time at assembly shows that are not informative too. The Spooktacular Halloween Show teaches important safety tips for trick or treaters, but has a valuable theme underlying all the laughter and fun: hard work and perseverance pays off.

best Halloween show with Grizelda the Witch

Grizelda is a Silly Witch who never did her homework and so she never learned to fly. So, she figures if she stirs up a magic potion and makes her very own magician, maybe he can teach her how to use a broom for transportation. Soon Grizelda realizes that goofing around during her lessons leads to disastrous (but hysterical) results. Your students will scream in delight at the silly and playful antics of this never-scary witch as she messes up every trick she sets out to learn.  Along the way there’s a giant cauldron, enormous plastic grasshoppers, incredible magic and even a mind-bending illusion: Grizelda eventually does fly over the heads of the audience. Your teachers will scratch their heads and the kids won’t want the show to end.

“From the moment Doug Scheer’s show begins to his concluding words, his positive presence, joyful demeanor and playful humor is engaging to ALL audience members (from the students to the adults). He truly makes learning about perseverance and believing in yourself a worthwhile experience. Doug is FANTASTIC and strives to provide teachable moments through his OUTSTANDING shows. You can not go wrong with this show–as we have had Doug continually come back for our school. We would HIGHLY recommend it!”

– Mishella Trzasko and Tracy Taggart, teaching partners, Cheyenne Elementary, Macomb, Michigan

Time is running out to have this Halloween Magic Show at your school. It’s available only during the last two weeks in October and on select fall weekends. Halloween week sells out every year with daytime assembly shows and fantastic family night events. Reserve you spot now by calling me, Doug Scheer, at (248) 891-1900 or click the instant quote button and I’ll get details sent back to you immediately.