Get ready to laugh with the perfect assembly show for elementary science and ecology lessons.

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Ecology, the Environment & Recycling

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We teach elementary students to save the environment at home and in school.

Did you notice a few extra hairs at the bottom of your shower this morning?

I really hope not, but I’ve figured out a way to stop that problem.

Right now, I bet you’re thinking, “What does that have to do with a recycling assembly show for an elementary school?” Hang in there. This will all make sense in a few seconds.

Welcome to the Dumpster Doug Ecology show.

This educational elementary program is 45 minutes of magic, comedy and audience participation all blended together to teach elementary school kids about the earth, pollution, and what they can do to help save the environment. When these lessons are mixed with zany outrageousness, crazy, but make-believe “homework assignments”, and tons of audience participation, you’ve got an Earth Day recycling show that everyone will talk about for a long time.

Reducing, Reusing and Recycling…

…has never before been this much fun in an elementary school, ever!

“We love this show. The other teachers were asking if our budget would allow Doug to come back more than just once per year. My kids kept jokingly asking me if that story about plucking out hairs is true. That was so funny and such a great lesson. This is a perfect way to introduce our Green School plan to the school.”

– Sue Mills, teacher, John Rodgers Elementary, Bellaire, Michigan

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Ok, back to the hair.

Doug Scheer green school speaker

I’m bald. Yes, you can call me that. It’s okay. I’ve come to grips with my superior level of follicular evolution and now the problem of hair in my shower drain has been solved.  Losing my hair was a multi-year process with just a few hairs falling out every couple of hours. I’ve generously left my locks dispersed all over the globe for others to enjoy. You’re welcome. It seems like hair loss has been my life’s work for a long time now and I’m just about done. And just like my shiny head happened over a long period, saving the earth is also not an overnight process.

Saving the earth takes time too.

In the Dumpster Doug ecology show students learn that it took a long time for the environment to reach its current stage of pollution levels and it’s going to take a long time to make the earth healthy again.  Magical things like making pollution disappear don’t happen overnight. Anything worthwhile takes time. Elementary school age students learn how they can help save the earth by taking baby steps every day. Dumpster Doug is the environment and recycling assembly show that’s packed with great lessons and super fun:

Perfect Lessons for Kindergarten – Sixth Graders:

  • Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Read
  • The causes of air, land and water pollution
  • Conservation
  • Salt water vs Fresh water
  • Natural resource protection
  • Endangered species
  • How to protect the earth while at home and in school
  • Tiny changes to implement now
  • Identifying trash vs recyclables
  • Instant recycling
  • What trees really do! (And it’s more than you think.)

“We’ve had Dumpster Doug present at Novi Meadows Upper Elementary for at least 20 years now and there’s a simple reason we bring him back; the teachers request him every year. Doug’s messages tie directly into our curriculum and he’s always adding something new to keep up with times. I’m afraid to recommend this show because if I do I fear he won’t be available next time we want him.”

– Lisa Fenchel, Principal, Novi Meadows, Novi, Michigan

Available year-round

Naturally this environment assembly show is extremely popular in April during Earth Day and in November during Arbor Day celebrations but it’s also available year-round for schools in Michigan and Ohio with appearances in other states by special tour arrangements.

Dumpster Doug is a character that kids love. Dressed in fashionable but worn out jeans, a patch covered shirt, and a magical looking top hat adorned with chains, buckles and studs, Dumpster Doug is the perfect speaker to fulfill the requirements of Michigan schools working on their Green School initiatives. While most people throw out their trash and others recycle it, Dumpster Doug uses trash to magically teach elementary students how to make pollution disappear.

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