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Scheer Genius Elementary School Assemblies

We make learning American history fun

Live and Virtual School Assembly Shows

As one of the best assembly shows in Michigan and one of the country’s most in-demand performers, Doug Scheer understands what it takes to put on a school assembly show or program that not only engages your students, but teaches them valuable life lessons.

All of Doug’s shows combine incredible fun, spectacular sets, backdrops, one of a kind props, and tons of audience participation

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Let’s Get Started!

Step 1: Choose Your Presentation Method

You know your school best so the first choice is deciding whether you want a Live or Virtual show. We use the latest in green screen technology to make our virtual assemblies just as exciting. No matter which you choose, your students will get the first-class treatment!

Step 2: Choose Your Assembly Show

Doug Scheer offers 12 different elementary school assembly shows in 3 different categories:

Curriculum Based Shows: Wacky Science, Superhero Math, The Magic Bookshelf, Uncle Sam’s Comedy Jam, Dumpster Doug, Memory Madness, Adventures in Reading

These shows are ideal for those who want reinforce their classroom curriculum.

Character Based Shows: The Diversity Circus, The Mystery of the Character Surprise, and Les Trouble, PI

These shows are ideal for those who want to encourage diversity, promote anti-bullying, and teach conflict resolution, skills that will benefit students both in and out of the classroom.

Just For Fun Magic Shows: The Laugh Factory, Spooktacular Halloween

These shows are ideal for those who want to entertain students while also teaching students about hard work and perseverance.

Step 3: Contact Doug Scheer

All 12 elementary school assembly shows are proven winners with a track record of hundreds upon hundreds of performances each. You can’t go wrong!

As an in-demand performer dates fill up fast, so always plan ahead and book your show in advance.

Fill out the form below to reserve your date or to get help deciding which assembly show best fits your school’s needs. Remember, as a bonus, you’ll automatically receive an email with our FREE Coordinator’s Help Guide!