The Best Elementary School Assembly Shows

A science show with off-the-wall, hands-on lessons and quirky & crazy science experiments.

What could be more fun than learning Math from a

A 45-minute reading show all about books and the treasures you can find in the library.

History assembly that also fulfills the Federal requirement of teaching the Constitution.

45 minutes of magic, comedy and audience participation to teach kids about the earth and pollution.

Learn the secrets to a photographic memory as well as memory techniques presented as a game.

Comedy, outrageous fun, and language arts magic to get kids excited about reading.

A character carnival show that teaches the importance of diversity and acceptance.

A 50-minute bullying mitigation program to address instances of social aggression.

Bring Doug Scheer's "Les Troubles PI" Conflict Resolution Assembly Show to your elementary school.

A 45-minute conflict resolution school show that teaches problem solving skills using four simple steps.

A 45-minute family comedy magic show chock-full of nutty wackiness, nonstop laughter, and crazy hilarity.

Teaches important safety tips for trick or treaters and that hard work and perseverance pay off.