30+ Ways To Use Virtual Assemblies for your school

More than 30 Virtual Assembly Ideas 

Virtual Assemblies are the perfect complement to online learning.

They’re new. They can be exciting. But, they’re something not many people understand. They are the newest thing in school assembly shows. They’re called Virtual assemblies and they are, likely, here to stay. But what is a virtual assembly show? It’s a traditional assembly program that can be delivered directly to the home computer of on-line learners. With many schools now having only remote classes, assembly performers from around the globe are adapting to this new way to deliver educational and entertaining content. The best assembly performers have been hard at work tailoring their acts for Google Meet and Zoom platforms and now they are available for elementary schools to add to their online learning schedules. 

Virtual assemblies have unique challenges.

Finding good virtual school assemblies can be difficult. And once you find a performer who looks like an ideal fit, finding ways of implementing the show into the school day can be even tougher. Many schools have reduced their instruction times and have shortened the school days. But by using these ideas for virtual assembly shows, you won’t have to work hard to get your teachers and principal on board with hosting a virtual assembly show.

Virtual assembly shows can be used in dozens of ways.

You don’t need to think hard to come up with ways a virtual assemblies can fit into the regular school lessons and day. And besides provided a much needed break for your teachers, a virtual assembly school show can complement a previously arranged event that your elementary school is already planning. 

30+ Ideas For Hosting Virtual Assemblies

We’ve put together a list of more than 30 virtual school assembly show ideas that you can easily blend into your school plans, theme or event calendar. Here’s our list of reasons why you need to have virtual shows.

Here’s the quick list of ideas for hosting virtual assembly shows at your elementary school followed by more thoughts, details and links:

  1. Teachers need help
  2. No reason at all
  3. Unique experiences
  4. Enhance your school theme
  5. First Day of School – A virtual welcome back!
  6. Virtual Curriculum Night Fun
  7. Virtual family-night fundraisers
  8. Virtual Gym Class
  9. After school special
  10. Substitute teacher replacement
  11. Field Days
  12. Field trips can be virtual too
  13. Positive Behavior Incentives
  14. Include kids who are different but also the same
  15. Autism Awareness month
  16. Leader in Me support
  17. Science Fair
  18. Interest Fair
  19. Teacher Appreciation
  20. Holiday Celebrations
  21. Catholic and Lutheran schools week
  22. Red Ribbon Week
  23. Support Anti-Bullying efforts
  24. Reading Month Encouragement
  25. National Bully Prevention Month
  26. Support your PBIS program
  27. Fundraising Reward Assemblies
  28. 28. Test Readiness
  29. Earth Day extra
  30. Standardized Testing Congratulations
  31. Constitution Day lessons
  32. Mid-Winter Surprise
  33. End of the Year Virtual Assembly 

Ready to learn more about hosting virtual assemblies?

Have any of these virtual assembly ideas caught your attention? Keep reading for more details and information about how virtual assemblies can enhance your students’ and teachers’ school year.

1. Teachers need help

The show you choose needs to be educational and it has to be entertaining. Time away from class is precious, so you’ll need to convince teachers that an online assembly show is worthwhile. But that’s easy if you realize that teachers are overwhelmed and they need a break too. At Scheer Genius Assembly Shows we’ve started getting calls from principals looking to give their teachers a little bit of help during the school day. Virtual school shows can be a perfect solution to an overworked teacher’s schedule.

Teachers still need their preparation time. Teaching virtually comes with challenges for teachers. Previously, writing notes and distributing handouts was an easy task while in class. Now those simple activities are a challenge. Teachers need extra time to prepare and upload content for their students to easily access. Having a virtual assembly show during the day can provide that much needed break, or prep time, to overworked teachers. When the enrichment committee provides a virtual show to the school, the teachers are grateful. 

2. No reason at all

Most schools schedule several live performance assembly shows during the school year. These shows have always provided a nice treat for students and kids. When the kids know a special performer is coming to the school, the excitement is contagious. Some schools would plan one assembly show per month from September through June with no real special occasion to celebrate. Why not continue to offer some traditional fun and learning that an assembly has always provided? The only difference is that now the school shows can be watched virtually on a home computer, phone or ipad at a time that’s most suitable instead of trying to fit them into an already packed schedule (best for custom recorded shows with extended access).

3. Unique experiences

School assemblies are traditionally sponsored by either the principal with his/her specials budget or the PTO, PTA, or cultural arts committee. Sometimes the media specialist will arrange for an assembly show too, particularly during March is Reading Month. The purpose of assembly shows can be to either to expose the students to a topic they wouldn’t normally cover in class or to enhance something that they learned about previously. Traditionally, school assemblies address curriculum based topics like math, reading, science or history. But character education is also popular with anti-bully, diversity and conflict resolution as popular offerings. Also, assembly shows can expose children to the arts through performances in music, magic, dance and theater. With Virtual assemblies becoming more and more popular, these programs can now be performed without a special occasion needed or to just give your students an experience they wouldn’t have inside the classroom.

4. Enhance your school theme virtually

Schools normally choose themes to follow every year. Sometimes they choose broad topics like kindness and respect. Other times they chose more specific slogans like We are Superheroes.” And getting kids exposed to those themes when in school is easy. They see bulletin boards, posters, t-shirts and banners all around the school. It’s even plastered on the school sign out front. But getting kids excited about a theme is tough when they’re not in the hallways or driving by the school everyday. That’s where a customized virtual assembly show comes to the rescue. Virtual assemblies can deliver messages precisely and to every student simultaneously. Finding an exciting and engaging show that delivers your message and your theme is one of the best ways to use our virtual school assembly show ideas.

Kids get exposure to school themes when they see posters like this in their hallways. Virtual assembly performers can customize their shows to reinforce your school’s messages.

5. First Day of School – A virtual welcome back!

It may be too late to welcome your students back to class in August or September with a special speaker or a virtual assembly show, but there are other First Days of School throughout the year. Yes, you can start off the new year with a rip-roaring virtual assembly show to set the tone and get kids excited about distant learning, but you can also schedule a program for that first day back after Thanksgiving break, at the beginning of a marking period or as a welcome back after Christmas or spring break. Usually, the best time for these programs is in the afternoon once the teachers get a chance to virtually see their students again and lay out the expectations for the remainder of the year, but some schools may chose to schedule a pre-recorded assembly show first thing as a way to slowly ramp the kids back into learning mode. Before a show, the principal can even come online and welcome the students back, deliver any news or special messages and introduce the performer. This is also a time for a teacher or administrator to review the previous semester, layout the goals and remind students of the school’s expectations. Business first followed by fun. And remember, your virtual assembly performer can reinforce those messages during their presentation too, making the “medicine go down easily.”

A virtual assembly show on the first days back can be a tradition too, getting the kids excited to log back on for more learning.

6. Virtual Curriculum Night Fun

Every September school assembly performers get called upon to entertain students while the parents meet the teachers in the classroom. With remote learning, Meet the Teacher Nights have become zoom meetings. Parents get to hear the plan for the year, explore solutions for the newly unique challenges and share their concerns. There is no reason to leave the students out. That’s where a custom recorded virtual assembly show is a perfect fit. Following the meet the teacher zoom meeting, students can be invited to stick around for some fun. Traditionally, this is not the best time to have an assembly with a message. Kids are not yet ready to get down to work. So a just-forfun assembly show can fit the bill perfectly. Magic shows performed virtually can be exciting ways for your students to get involved. With live interaction through many platforms like zoom and google meet, students will become a real part of the show and get a tiny boost to their self-esteem when called upon by the magician.

7. Virtual family-night fundraisers

These just for fun virtual assemblies can also be scheduled as a family night event. As a veteran performer of virtual assembly shows, I have watched families gathered at their dinner table with their computer at one end, all watching my shows as their evening entertainment. Schools may even choose to make these virtual family nights into fundraisers by combining them with local restaurants promotional offers. Many local restaurant chains will offer a percentage back on a night’s receipts to local schools when arranged in advance. Or a bake a home pizza fundraiser gets the whole family involved in cooking. Little Ceasar’s Pizza offers a kit that gets rave reviews from schools that use it. Your school will make some much needed ‘dough’ and have a great night watching a virtual assembly show.

Tie in one of those promotions with a live virtual assembly show and you’ve got a night kids can anticipate. Families appreciate these events because they can incorporate the parents who sometimes feel disconnected from their child’s schooling in these virtual times.

8. Virtual Gym Class

Ok, you’ll think immediately that this one is a stretch but it’s not. Booking an expert BMX biker, hola hoop artist, break-dancer, basketball juggler or other physical artist is a great way to motivate your students to get outside after their online school lessons and get moving. Kids need to move. Sitting in front of a computer for hours on end is going to have long lasting ramifications to their health. By introducing kids to some of the top-athletes in the world through a virtual show might just plant a seed for our next generation of superstar athletes. (Note: if you’d like our personal recommendations for great virtual assembly shows from some of these kids of acts, just drop us a note or give us a call. Doug, 248 891-1900) 

Sorry, but we do not offer this assembly show virtually. 

9. After school special

Kids need to know they are appreciated and offering them a virtual assemblies that they can tune into after school is a fun virtual assembly idea to show your students that your parent teacher group is in their corner. And this idea doesn’t need to be worked into the schedule of lessons during school day — an added bonus. Some schools will even offer special prizes to kids who tune in. With an interactive virtual assembly show through zoom or another interactive platform, a prize drawing is easy.

10. Substitute teacher replacement

During a traditional school year any teacher who needs a day off or needs to call in sick at the last minute has a plan in place. They know the procedure for getting a substitute teacher to watch their class. Now, with virtual learning, teachers don’t think they have an escape plan if they need to get out of teaching for a day. Virtual assembly shows are a ready-made solution. While scheduling a live virtual assembly performer at the last second would be an almost impossible task, a pre-recorded assembly can be at the ready. For a very reasonable fee, Scheer Genius Assembly Shows can provide a private link to a non-customized but prerecorded assembly show that can be sent to a class immediately. Our Diversity Circus assembly show is a character education program that was professionally recorded at an elementary school in front of a live audience. Your students will feel like they are seated alongside our recorded audience while they learn and have fun. And when schools do reopen, if you’re looking for a way to supplement your income, think about becoming a substitute teacher.

11. Field Days

Hosting a virtual assembly show on your annual field day is a super exciting and popular school assembly idea. Traditionally, school kids spend their days outside playing games, jumping in bounce houses and competing in track and field events. But when kids are not in school, those activities are impossible. The next best thing is a virtual assembly show. And if your school has not hosted a virtual assemblies performer all year, this becomes a highly anticipated event. But if your school is in session and kids are in attendance, just skip the virtual assembly show and host a live show. With restrictions being slowly lifted, having kids gather on the playground with a live show set up outdoors, kids can return to having live shows, but at a safe distance with sanitary measures still in place. Our most popular field day show is our comedy magic show called The Laugh Factory.

If large crowds are still a concern in your state, think about hosting several performances throughout the day.

12. Field trips can be virtual too

If your school needs state specific ideas for real in person field trips be sure to check out this wonderful resource.

You’ll discover that many shows, museums and touring groups are listed as a part of the virtual offerings. Take your students on a virtual stroll through a museum or visit a working farm as a virtual field trip. Many museums and nature centers offer virtual assembly shows and tours that are great for distant learners.

13. Positive Behavior Incentives

Ugh. Kids will be kids. Some kids will take any chance that they get to act out and pull pranks their teachers and classmates. Online learning has given these creative troublemakers new opportunities to pull off their mischievous plans and they can sometimes do it anonymously. Because of this, schools should think about maintaining their positive behavior incentives and goals. Typically, kids receive reward tickets during a regular school day when they are caught being altruistic or respectful. These tickets kids can usually be saved and later redeemed for prizes. But with online learning, delivering prizes isn’t possible. That’s where a virtual assembly can be used as a prize and acts as a powerful incentive for good behavior and near perfect attendance. Each school can set up the assembly show viewing requirements however they see fit. A private link for the virtual show can be sent to the kids who qualify and the performer can praise and compliment the students on their hard work and good behavior. If you’re not familiar with how popular PBIS (Positive Behavior Intervention Support) programs have become, check out this link for more information.

14. Include kids who are different but also the same

Character assembly shows are popular in elementary and middle schools because they are an easy way to enforce and support ideas of acceptance and inclusion. These shows can be sprinkled throughout the school year with a wide variety of programs that are available. Diversity Circus is one show that’s available as a pre-recorded event that can be streamed to your students through the platform or your choice. Youtube is an excellent platform that gives unlimited access for extended periods of time so online learners can watch and learn during their free time. Students learn that they are all different but are also all the same in the Diversity Circus pre-recorded assembly show.

15. Autism Awareness month

April is a special month for families who have kids with special needs. Autism Awareness month is recognized nationwide, but is not yet given much attention in elementary schools. With approximately 3% of boys now being diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder (ASD), elementary schools likely have 10-15 children who are on the spectrum and also have many others may have attention deficit issues and behavioral concerns. A live or virtual assembly presentation can include the topics of acceptance, respect and being fair so these kids feel more included. The Diversity Circus assembly show was initially produced and written with the autism community of children in mind. (Get the full story.) Schools can now receive full access to a professionally recorded and edited recording of Diversity Circus that can be added to your school’s extra curricular lessons. Learn more about Autism Awareness month and how your school can get involved.

16. Leader in Me support

Leader in Me has become a popular program in elementary schools that helps schools build well-rounded students by focusing on enhancing the whole-person and getting students ready to be life-long leaders. A virtual assembly show can support The Leader in Me program by helping to bring together staff, students, and families with a common goal of preparing kids with life-readiness talents and skills. These skills are reviewed and taught so students can learn how to thrive in our fast changing world. Topics include critical thinking, effective communication, teamwork, goal-setting and problem solving. Our Les Trouble, Problem Investigator assembly show teaches students how to solve problems and resolve conflicts even when they happen with their friends. Learn more about bringing the Les Trouble, P.I. assembly to your school live or getting full access to a pre-recorded version that’s available for streaming anytime. For more information about the national Leader in Me program click here.

17. Science Fair

In February of every year, elementary students are introduced to the idea of participating in a science fair at their school. Usually the children are given about 6 weeks to submit ideas for science fair projects, build displays, and present their projects. Many schools will host a professional science presentation as a way to bring families together and make the evening even more spectacular. Our Wacky Science Show has been a popular virtual option to help your school continue its science fair tradition during this teach from home season. Doug Scheer presents Wacky Science using zoom to a school in Maryland.

18. Interest Fair

Schools around the country are turning toward hosting something new called Interest Fairs. Like the traditional science fair, these events give students the chance to make displays and talk about things that interest them. These events help to build a child’s self-esteem, encourage communication skills, and give students practice in presenting information. Adding an assembly show, either live or virtually, can be a great way to build attendance at this exciting and new after school event.

19. Teacher Appreciation

A few years back we received a phone call from a PTA leader who wanted to do something special for the teachers. Her idea was to host a live assembly show but instead of using children as the volunteers throughout the show, she wanted only teachers to be chosen. On the surface, this seems like a fun idea –for the parents who might attend the show, but the teachers would not be thrilled. And the students, who all love to participate, would feel cheated. I suggested a solution. In order to appreciate teachers with an assembly show, the teachers should be given the time off to do as they wish, or attend a small party in the teachers’ lounge. School assemblies are an ideal way to engage and entertain students while the teachers are enjoying themselves. The PTA can provide snacks or a catered lunch while the students can have fun and learn with an assembly show at the same time. But it’s critically important to provide a few adults to supervise the audience. Kids need to know that the assembly is important and not a time to act up while the teachers are away. A few parent volunteers can provide the needed support. A virtual assembly show can also be schedule to give teachers a little time off. Be sure to check to the National PTO website for more great teacher appreciation ideas your teachers will love.

Teachers love to know they are appreciated.

20. Holiday Assemblies

Kids don’t need a holiday to celebrate. For them, every day is a party. But still, there are dozens of holidays throughout the year that can be the perfect reason to have an assembly show. Celebrating some holidays has become taboo for some areas. Schools don’t want to offend people who have different beliefs. But nowadays, it seems there’s a new ‘holiday’ every day: National Pet Appreciation Day, National Daughter Day, National Talk Like a Pirate Day, etc., so why not use these ‘holidays’ as an excuse for giving the students something fun. Virtual and live assembly shows are guaranteed appeal to the cultural beliefs of your diverse population and insure a fun time. 

21. Catholic and Lutheran schools week

The last week in January typically is the week that Catholic and Lutheran schools celebrate their uniqueness with special days, events and activities. Adding a virtual assembly show to the schedule is an easy special event for schools interested in continuing their tradition of this special week. Click here to learn more ideas to celebrate this special week.

22. Red Ribbon Week

During Red Ribbon Week elementary and middle schools across the USA celebrate being violence free and drug free. This week is typically celebrated during the last two weeks every October. But teaching drug awareness, especially for elementary kids can be a tricky and sensitive topic. That’s why many schools shift away from the topic of drugs and focus mostly on staying violence and crime free. That’s why kindness, problem solving, and anti-bully assembly shows are popular during this time. Hosting a virtual assembly during this week is a great idea. By streaming a virtual assembly show during Red Ribbon Week, schools can put a spin on a sensitive topic like drug-awareness, and build a child’s social skills and self-esteem –all of which are powerful skills that kids need to make healthy choices. Check out this great resource for more information about Red Ribbon Week:

23. Support Anti-Bullying with a virtual assembly show

Even though kids are not seeing each other in person as much with online learning taking over the nation, kids still need to know that bullying is not okay. Anti-bullying assembly shows have been in high demand over the past ten years and they can still be very effective as virtual shows. Online bullying needs to be addressed since kids are spending many hours on line. Many school districts require bullying education because of state-wide mandates and laws. Professional assembly presenters can set the perfect tone for schools and lay down the rules for preventing bullying. When students are bullied in school, parents demand to know what a school is doing to address their concerns. By having an anti-bullying assembly show, schools can point to a concrete example of their efforts. School assemblies, presented consistently throughout a school year can be a huge influence in reducing bullying situations at your school and online. Our Mystery of the Character Surprise Assembly Show web page has the details of the approach we take at Scheer Genius Assembly Shows. 

The Mystery of the Character Surprise Anti-Bully assembly shows presented live. 

24. Reading Month Encouragement

March is Reading Month and schools around the nation set a school-wide goal of reading a set number of books or minutes of reading. And one of the best ways to get kids to participate in the school goal is to reward them at the end. So why not use a virtual assembly show as that prize? Kids love magic and our two reading and literature assembly shows, The Magic Bookshelf and Adventures in Reading shows turn children’s literature into magic tricks while teaching about the benefits of reading. These shows are fun, engaging and loved by at home, distant learners.

25. National Bully Prevention Month

October is National Bullying Prevention Month so holding various events throughout the month is a great way to help prevent bullying. Schools, parents, and local businesses have been known to actively support this nationwide campaign. If your school is taking part, a virtual assembly show is a simple, pre-packaged addition to your efforts. You may even approach a local business or two to secure necessary funding, making a virtual show free to your school. Founded by Pacer’s National Bullying Prevention Center in 2006, individuals and schools unite to keep students safe from bullying. The Pacer organization has more resources and ideas that may help your school’s efforts

26. Continue to support your PBIS program

Schools have been following the national PBIS (Positive Behavior Intervention Support) initiatives for over a dozen years. Many schools will host assembly shows to encourage students to be safe, respectful, and responsible in everything they do. These ideas can be introduced anytime during the school year, but many will kick off their assembly schedule by introducing these character trait ideas early in the school year.

Our Les Trouble, P.I. assembly show makes learning PBIS traits exciting and fun.

27. Fundraising Reward Assemblies

Schools need money. The PTA and PTO is usually responsible for having fundraisers, but kids need motivation to support your school’s money earning efforts. One of the best ways to motivate students during the fundraising process is by giving the kids little prizes for each fundraising level reached. But with online learning happening now, distributing the traditional trinkets and toys is nearly impossible. A virtual assembly show can solve those problems if used as a reward for participating in the school’s fundraise. Hosting a virtual assemblies for your school can boost your fundraising dollars. Sometimes it takes money to make money, so Investing a little bit into your fundraiser can lead to a bigger bank night. The students can get a customized show that no-one else gets to watch.

28. Test readiness

Standardized testing is stressful. During the weeks that schools are required to implement their tests, assembly performers are usually not allowed in schools. They are considered a distraction, however testing rarely occurs on Fridays and that’s a great time to motivate students or reward them for a week of hard work. During normal school times our Memory Madness assembly show is a popular lead in assembly show to standardized testing weeks. In Memory Madness students learn the secrets to having a photographic memory. While a memorization assembly show may sound a little dull at first look, Memory Madness turns memorizing into a fun and fast-paced game show.

Memory Madness is an exciting game show that helps to get kids ready for standardized testing.

29. Earth Day Extra

Is your school a Green School? Keep that honor alive by having an outside expert entertain and educate your students. The Dumpster Doug Ecology Show has gone virtual. This show has become so popular that we have a special blog dedicated to everything you need to know in order to have this assembly show presented virtually for your students. Earth Day is April 22nd every year. Your teachers are overwhelmed with teaching so why not outsource this job with a professional virtual assembly show? Schedule this show and its easy to celebrate and teach the students with a magic assembly show that’s based on recycling, saving the earth and conservation.

The Dumpster Doug Ecology show is a perfect virtual assembly show and program to support your Green School initiatives.

30. Standardized Testing Congratulations

A great reason for hosting a virtual school assembly is to present a show after the standardized testing period is complete. By building anticipation for the live or virtual assembly show, kids see that there is light at the end of the tunnel. Testing can be stressful for students but knowing there is something fun coming helps to keep them on top of their game.

31. Constitution Day lessons

September 17th is the anniversary of the signing of the Constitution. Teachers are required by law to teach this subject every year. But the concepts of the Constitution can be difficult to understand or even explain to elementary students. Our Uncle Sam Comedy Jam assembly show can make this task super simple. Your teachers are overwhelmed during virtual learning year so help them with a virtual assembly show. Let Uncle Sam help your teachers fulfill their obligations.

Doug Scheer brings the fun and the excitement to learning about the Constitution.

32. Mid-Winter Surprise

It happens every year. Starting in early February, kids start to show that they’re getting tired of being holed up every day. Nights are long and days are short. Winter burnout happens for teachers too. So a virtual assembly show can be the best medicine. Excite your students and motivate your teachers with a fun and educational show. A spectacular show can bring some energy back into school day and get the kids reinvigorated even if it’s just a virtual assembly show. Beat the winter blues with a virtual assembly show from Scheer Genius Assembly Shows 

33. End of the Year Virtual Assemblies

Let’s be honest here. Most teachers and students begin to check out early in June. They know the end of the school year is near and they stop giving it their best efforts. Maybe a virtual assembly show can provide a much needed reset. Having a fun assembly show can encourage students and kids to reach the finish line. Usually the best type of assembly show during this time of the year should be 100% fun or one with only a light message. Make the show a reward once the lessons are done and kids are just doing busy work until the last day of school. 

Any date can be a perfect day for virtual assemblies by Scheer Genius Assembly Shows. 

A month by month breakdown of tying virtual assemblies into your school year.


  1. Host a back to school virtual assembly show to welcome kids back.
  2. Set the expectations for the year with a character show.
  3. Tie a virtual assembly show into a meet the teachers event.
  4. Have a Constitution Day Celebration with history based programs. September 17th is Constitution Day and is the ideal day for Uncle Sam’s Comedy Jam.
  5. Host our pre-recorded Diversity Circus assembly show in conjunction with the traditional Jewish Holiday, Rosh Hashanah
  6. Did you have a group of kids that met a summer reading goal? Why not celebrate before the weather turns cold and have a live show in your schools parking lot. Kids can bring their lawn chairs and enjoy and outdoor show performed by a real magician. Adventures in Reading is a great show for that.


  • Virtual assemblies and shows are great for Red Ribbon week. Bully-proofing and drug free assemblies fit the bill perfectly.
  • Halloween Celebrations are perfect times for theater groups acting out spooky tales. Also, a fun and Halloween themed magic show is a perfect solution to the season. If you’re interested, a popular theater company in Michigan is Magic Carpet Theatre. Contact them to see if they have virtual offerings.
  • October is national bully prevention month. Consider hosting a virtual speaker to support the nationwide efforts. Learn more about national bully prevention month here.


  1. Election Day celebrations are not complete without an all American type of show like Uncle Sam’s Comedy Jam.
  2. National Recycling Day is a perfect day for environment related virtual assembly shows like Dumpster Doug.
  3. Teacher conferences. Teachers are exhausted the day following teacher conferences which usually take place early in November. Give them a break. Treat the students to a supervised assembly show while the teachers stay in their rooms to take a nap. (I’m kidding, of course but you get the idea). Or stream a virtual custom recorded show to your students to give the teacher an hour off. 


  1. Fundraisers thank you assembly shows. By December, the first fundraiser is complete and the students should be rewarded. A fun assembly show is a great way to gather all the students together to thank them for a job well done. Just for Fun assembly shows are perfect for these occasions.
  2. Holidays are a great time to party. Think about having an assembly show for the students so their teachers can meeting the in lounge for an hour and celebrate.
  3. All school assembly shows are a great way to thank the students for a great first semester.


  1. Welcome back to school and reinforce the expectations with a character traits assembly show.
  2. End of the first marking period praise. Give the kids a reward for a job well done and motivation to keep working hard for the next semester.
  3. Martin Luther King Jr Day celebrations. Our Diversity Circus show is a perfect fit with a message about Dr King’s “I have a dream speech.”


  • Love is in the air. It’s Valentines Day. Celebrate with an all-school assembly show.
  • Presidents’ Day. American History Shows like Uncle Sam’s Comedy Jam fit the bill nicely.
  • One Hundredth Day of school. Sometimes kids just need to celebrate.
  • Count Day – Twice a year students are counted and they must be in attendance. Kids won’t skip school when there is an assembly show on the books.


  1. March is Reading Month. Reading incentive shows are in huge demand. We have two of them. Adventures in Reading and The Magic Bookshelf are sold out every year.
  2. Family night fun. It’s the end of winter but it might still be snowing outside. Get your parents involved.
  3. Traditionally, March and April are the months of the year when kids present their science fair projects to their parents. If kids are not in school a virtual science show like Wacky Science can be a great substitute. 


  1. It’s Earth Day April 22nd every year. Celebrate and teach the students with a magic assembly show that’s based on recycling, saving the earth and conservation. The Dumpster Doug Show has a virtual version for at home learners.
  2. Easter Break usually falls during April. A live or virtual assembly show is a great way to say thanks to your students just before they head out on vacation or on the day they come back to welcome them to the final chapter of the school year.
  3. April is Math appreciation month. Superhero Math teaches kids how to perform incredible math stunts with items they have at home.
  4. April is Autism Awareness month. With approximately 3% of boys now being diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder, you may have about a dozen kids in your school who are on the spectrum and dozens of others with attention deficit and behavioral issues. An assembly show can address the concepts of inclusion, respect and fairness. Our Diversity Circus assembly show was actually created with the autism community in mind. You can get full access to a pre-recorded version of that popular character education show as one of the virtual assemblies you may have in a school year.


  1. Late May is typically when most schools have their field day events. Add an assembly show for that much needed break from all that running, jumping and water-fighting fun.
  2. Memorial Day is a great way to honor those who served in the Armed Forces. Invite you local Veterans to attend a live celebration event at your school or host one virtually. Through Zoom or another platform, students can visit with vets online and show their appreciation.
  3. May has a week that’s dedicated to teacher appreciation. Hosting a virtual show on one of the days is a great way to appreciate the teachers. They get an hour off of teaching to use as they please.


  1. It’s the end of the year. A virtual assembly show is a perfect thank you for a job well done and as a fun addition to a graduating class celebration.
  2. Set summer expectations and encourage students to read during their summer break. A magic of reading show like The Magic Bookshelf or a visit from a local author (Maria Dismondy is a Michigan favorite) might be a perfect way to motivate students to spend time at the library in the summer. 

Here is the bottom line about Virtual and Live assembly shows

You don’t really need a reason to host a virtual assemblies for elementary students. You can have them during the school day, in the afternoon as a special treat, or as a part of a bigger celebration when parents are encouraged to attend too. They are great way to kick off a special announcement, set the tone for a school year, or reward students for a job well done.

Virtual school assemblies can also make dull subjects come alive. Performers have resources, props and equipment that your teachers don’t. Kids love seeing new and exciting things and assembly performers can provide unique experiences that keep kids motivated and excited to keep learning.

But perhaps best of all, when students are called upon by a virtual assembly performer, kids feel a sense of connection with their friends and their schools. And the best virtual assembly performers know how to make all kids feel special and grateful for being part of a wonderful community.

When you’re ready to schedule a show for your school, please reach out to me, Doug Scheer and we will pick one of the virtual assembly ideas presented here. It’s easy to incorporate one of my virtual programs into your school year. Send me a quick email at Scheergenius@mac.com and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.