Dumpster Doug: A Stunt Anyone Can Do

Dumpster Doug

The Dumpster Doug assembly show
features an exciting stunt anybody can do!

Hey teachers, do you want to get your kids excited, screaming with delight, and anxiously awaiting their turn to name the three stages of the water cycle? You’re going to want to make up this simple stunt and use it every year. And don’t forget that this is perfect for April when schools around the country celebrate Earth Day. 

We do this live in our recycling assembly show and then we let a student try it too.

Direct from The Dumpster Doug Ecology Show, this quick stunt will make you the most talked about teacher at your school—and your students will love doing this.

If you are a regular reader of this blog then you’ll already understand the props that need to be purchased. (You learned this stunt can also be used to teach the Three Branches of Government and the balance of power. Click here for that post).

With a small investment, you’ll have a fun, earth science lesson you can repeat every year.

You’ll need four things. The video below explains it all but for quick reference this fun lesson needs:

1 – A wooden pool table rack or triangle

2 – A short dog leash or 5 foot long piece of rope

3 – A metal hook eye with a wood screw base. Any hardware store has these.

4 – A styrofoam cup of water. 

Simply set up the stunt as shown in this video.

You may want to keep a towel nearby or save this experiment for a nice day so you can take your students outside. Every child will want a chance to try this. Some kids will spill the water. Others will nail it on the first try. 

Reinforce your classroom lessons with this science stunt.

Before introducing these props to your students make sure you’ve already explained the principles of evaporation, condensation, and precipitation. Additionally, you can explain to your students that fresh water comes from the salt water filled oceans because when water evaporates, it leaves the salt behind. Water vapor and rain are made up of fresh water and rain water replenishes our streams, lakes and ponds every time it storms. 

To learn more about how the Dumpster Doug Assembly show can get your kids excited to learn about saving the earth, conservation, recycling, and environmental concerns, invite our 45 minute school show to be a part of your school’s enrichment programing this year.