Branch Out With This Fun History-Themed Stunt

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Make teaching students the three branches of the United States government exciting and fun!

Teachers, this one is for you! If you’re struggling to find exciting and memorable activities to get your students excited to learn about the U.S. government, we have a gift for you!

Taken directly from our elementary school show on American History, Uncle Sam’s Comedy Jam Assembly show, this stunt will get your kids screaming with delight. But it’s not just for grade school kids. Middle school and high school kids will love this stunt too.

Fifteen dollars in supplies will give you a teaching stunt that you can use over and over again.

You’ll need to purchase about $15 worth of supplies to pull this off. But this one time purchase will give you a lesson you can repeat for years to come. It uses a dog leash and pool table rack, sometimes called a pool triangle, a simple screw in hook-eye to attach the dog leash, a styrofoam cup, a container of Powerade (we actually use just the bottle along with some food color dyed water), and some courage. 

See the stunt and explanation in action

To make learning this stunt easy, check out the short Youtube video that I made just before performing this at an elementary school.

Yes, it’s a little scary at first.

I suggest you practice this stunt outdoors until you get the hang of it. Once you work up a little courage and have some faith in the scientific principles that make this possible, you’ll find this is super easy to pull off but it looks a lot harder than it is. Then, after demonstrating this in your classroom (you’ll need a clear area with no overhead ceiling fans), let your students try it as well. Or take them outside if the weather is nice and give everyone a chance to give this a go. Be sure to keep few paper towels nearby for those inevitable “oops” moments.

If you’d like to learn more about our Uncle Sam’s Comedy Jam Assembly show, take a peek at our webpage. We’d love to bring all the excitement and fun of our 45 minute US history assembly show to your school.  Our program is perfect for anytime of the year, but the weeks that includes September 17th (Constitution Day), Veterans’ Day, Presidents’ Day, and Memorial Day are especially popular. Get more info here: