Assembly Show Ideas for Catholic Schools Week

Bring Scheer Genius Assembly Shows to your elementary school for Catholic Schools Week.

Scheer Genius Assembly Shows have worked with hundreds of great elementary schools from over two dozen states in its more than 35 years of existence. While based in Michigan, we travel from Illinois to the New England states and down the eastern coast. Our promise is to deliver educational and entertaining content for all, regardless of grade level or religious affiliation. One of the organizations that has helped us fulfill our mission is Catholic schools, both small and large. We’re very fortunate to work with dozens of great Catholic schools who want to provide a top-notch education for their children, and we want to help them do that.

Catholic Schools Week begins each year on the last Sunday in January and lasts a full week. Each year, Catholic schools choose a theme like this one from a few years back “Raising The Standard.” Themes like that demonstrate they’re working hard to provide the best learning opportunities possible for their students. Many K-8 Catholic schools offer programs like our Diversity Circus Assembly Show during this week as they send a strong message of inclusion and mutual respect. 

Bring Scheer Genius Assembly Shows to your elementary school for Catholic Schools Week.

Leaders are made in Catholic Schools

For 2023 the theme falls into the same broad category of high achievement. It’s “Catholic Schools: Learn. Serve. Lead. Succeed.”

Our goal as a company is to offer both character-based shows and curriculum-based assemblies that mirror the typical themes of Catholic Schools week. This year is another opportunity for us to do what we love best while embodying the current themes of Catholic Schools Week.”

Maybe your school needs to focus on success in science, in which case check out Wacky Science assembly show. Maybe your teachers prefer a theme that promotes the importance of understanding history so that we can learn from the past. If so, check out Uncle Sam’s Comedy Jam. It’s a comedic show with audience participation that kids love and wacky lessons throughout.

Maybe your goal is to improve reading performance or encourage daily success, then The Magic Bookshelf or Adventures in Reading are perfect choices.

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Catholic Schools Week is a wonderful time for the students and teachers who use our services. Most of our business comes from repeat customers, so try us just once and we promise you will want more. Email us today if you have questions: