Online Assembly Shows and The Versatility of Homeschooling

The versatility of homeschooling allows you to explore the limitless possibilities of learning with online assembly shows.

The versatility of homeschooling: exploring the limitless possibilities of learning with online assembly shows

Assembly shows and field trips for homeschoolers too

In a world where traditional schooling is the norm, the concept of homeschooling often raises questions and sparks debate. As a parent, I was initially hesitant when my daughter expressed a desire to explore homeschooling because she was dissatisfied with the social dynamics at her previous school. However, our brief foray into homeschooling taught us valuable lessons about the many educational opportunities available today. Even though it ultimately wasn’t right for us, the experience opened our eyes to the incredible resources and opportunities that homeschooling can provide.

The Homeschooling Journey:

After attending a few homeschool meetings, we decided to give it a try. However, our homeschooling adventure only lasted 20 minutes before my daughter realized she missed the structured environment of a traditional school. We immediately re-enrolled her, and she started seventh grade a little later than her peers. Despite our initial reservations, we soon discovered that the school was a perfect fit for her because it fostered her social skills and provided her with a rich academic foundation.

The versatility of homeschooling allows you to explore the limitless possibilities of learning with online assembly shows.

The Rise of Homeschooling:

While our personal experiences have led us back to the traditional school system, homeschooling is becoming increasingly popular in the United States and around the world. Many families are choosing this alternative path because it allows them to tailor their children’s education to their own needs and values. However, the common misconception that homeschooling deprives children of important social experiences is not true.

Homeschooling during COVID:

The advent of the COVID -19 pandemic brought unforeseen challenges to all aspects of education, including homeschooling. As schools closed their doors, homeschoolers found themselves in a unique position to seamlessly adapt to the changing landscape. In this new era, virtual assemblies and field trips became a reality, bridging the gap between homeschoolers and the broader educational community.

Exploring Virtual Assembly Shows:

During this time, I had the privilege of attending more than 350 virtual events and performing for homeschoolers across the United States between January and June 2021. Through these virtual performances, I was able to connect with students in different time zones and enrich their homeschool experience. This time has been both memorable and exhausting and has shown how resilient and adaptable homeschooling families are.

The versatility of homeschooling allows you to explore the limitless possibilities of learning with online assembly shows.

Expanding Homeschooling Resources:

One of the most exciting developments for homeschooling is the availability of comprehensive resources that go beyond traditional textbooks and curricula. Recently, I was honored to contribute to a homeschool resource that offers innovative ideas to enhance the homeschooling experience. This resource is a valuable tool for homeschooling parents and offers a new perspective on education beyond the confines of the traditional classroom.  Twinkl and their content team featured us on their Top Virtual Field Trips for Homeschools. Read more here.

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Homeschooling may not have been the perfect solution for my daughter, but our journey has opened our eyes to the wide range of learning opportunities available to homeschoolers. The COVID -19 pandemic served as a catalyst for integrating virtual assemblies and shows into the homeschooling experience, creating a bridge between homeschoolers and the broader educational community. With the availability of various resources, homeschooling is emerging as a powerful and viable educational option for families seeking a unique and tailored approach to their children’s education.

Happily, our virtual shows remain a part of our lineup and bookings for them are still coming in. But we’ve also returned to the road, traveling across the midwest and bringing smiles and joy into elementary gymnasiums every day. Please explore our shows to schedule a live or virtual show for your school.