Benefits of Assembly Shows Are Often Overlooked

The best elementary school assembly shows (like Scheer Genius( provide many
benefits for students.

The best elementary school assembly shows provide many benefits for students.

Back in 1987, Doug Scheer recognized a strong need to bring students together, not just to lay down the ground rules for a well functioning school, but for other reasons too. I wanted students to assemble in order to learn, certainly, but also to have fun! For over 30 years, I’ve seen firsthand how an assembly show can enhance learning in revolutionary ways, encourage students to laugh, and motivate them like never before. We’ve taken our years of experience running programs throughout Michigan and the midwest states and recorded here the valuable parts of our assembly shows that are often overlooked.

Assemblies can reinforce messages.

Assemblies easily educate students on topics concerning the school’s goals and curriculum. Our assemblies are primarily designed to inform students about a topic that is relevant to the school. The time spent conducting an assembly can be an effective way to educate large bodies of students with material that is interesting and perhaps even required by Department of Education.

Assembly shows can provide exciting experiences that don’t exist in the classroom.

Teachers do a great job of teaching and getting kids excited to learn in the classroom, but assemblies assist teachers with methods that are difficult to provide on their own. With our twelve assembly shows, we’re able to present assembly programs that are 100% unique, provide spectacular set, and demonstrate and explain concepts that are difficult to do with a full classroom, busy schedule, and tight budget.

The best elementary school assembly shows (like Scheer Genius( provide many benefits for students.
Doing something a little scary can safely push students to overcome fears and ultimately leave beneficial lasting impressions. 

Assembly shows captivate students in engaging ways outside of their typical routines.

Although we’re convinced of the benefits of routine in the classroom, students may become bored if the routine is no longer engaging. Hosting a school wide assembly program upsets students’ usual schedule just enough to allow them to focus on the tasks at hand and then feel refreshed enough to return to their normal routine. Assembly shows in your elementary or middle school definitely provide an opportunity to improve social skills and reinforce proper behavior. Large assemblies at schools are a comfortable place for kids to learn to behave in a large environments of people. When a student attends an assembly, he or she learns what behavior is appropriate as a spectator and learns patience, respect, and self-control.

Live assembly shows present opportunities for children to step out of their comfort zone.

In many school assemblies, students are often part of the presentation. This is a fantastic way to keep students’ attention while allowing them to volunteer to participate in activities, solve problems, answer questions, and work in large groups. Some students may have stage fright if invited on stage at first, but being uncomfortable in a safe environment is a great way to overcome little challenges and grow. Assemblies can engage students and encourage participation to retain information in ways they normally don’t. To learn more about handling stage fright:

Our assembly shows give your students the ability to easily explore more on their own.

Some of the Scheer Genius programs incorporate advanced technologies and fantastic science experiments which are otherwise difficult for students to access. Our focus also places a high value on using technology to help students learn but we also want kids to build a desire to explore on their own. Scheer Genius Assembly Shows provides students with participatory opportunities with new technologies that are exciting, easy to understand, memorable, and also educational, of course.

The best elementary school assembly shows (like Scheer Genius( provide many benefits for students.
Introducing an assembly show can help kids get over stage fright in an accepting environment and teach public speaking skills.

Assemblies allow children to think about information critically.

Assemblies provide children with a vast amount of information along with the chance to experience topics in a new way that allows your kindergarten-sixth graders to think about a subject they didn’t know before. Demonstrations, magic tricks, audience participation, songs and participatory games stimulate thought and promote the ability to think critically and make connections.

Our assembly shows motivate your students to engage in learning.

New experiences that can be brought by way of assembly shows can help improve engagement in the classroom, but demonstrating to students how amazing and understandable school lessons are could spark a passion some didn’t even know they had! Educational Assemblies can use a variety of learning styles, so even the youngest kids have a good chance of understanding the material.

Enrichment programs create commonality with students from other grades.

Gathering in a large assembly can provide the ideal chance to meet others, make new connections, and enjoy experiences that they’ll carry for weeks on end. At an assembly show students will witness impactful and motivating lessons that can bring them together in ways that wouldn’t have been possible in a smaller setting. At any age, it’s important to know they are valued as a team member of the school. Assemblies are an easy way to make students know that they belong while informing, motivating, and educating them.

Assembly shows can create and improve confidence in students.

Participation, laughter, wonder and providing novel information are all tools to engage students in the class, and a 45-50 minute assembly program can easily deliver all four. Make your students feel confident, motivated, excited, about learning challenging subjects and taking ownership of their education.

When you’re ready to explore all the benefits that a live assembly show has to offer, please reach out to me at or learn more about our elementary and middle school assemblies.