The Wacky Science Show Goes Virtual!

Doug Scheer presents Wacky Science live to a family audience in Yuma, Az., Crane School District.
Doug Scheer presents Wacky Science live to a family audience in Yuma, Az., Crane School District.

A Virtual Science Show For Schools And Libraries

The award-winning Wacky Science show has now gone virtual as elementary schools and libraries struggle to provide engaging content to students. With the Covid-19 quarantine in place, many schools have moved to an interactive virtual assembly show format.  That means kids are able to still enjoy all the excitement of a live performance, but from the comfort and safety of their own homes.

“The students really enjoyed the Wacky Science Show. They were wowed and amazed by the science behind the magic. I was even amazed at how Doug was able to hold the attention of the students during the virtual assembly. The Wacky Science Show was a great way to kick off our school’s virtual assemblies.” Nekesa, Matlock -Lead Teacher, Prince George’s County School, Riverdale, MD

This opens up an opportunity like never before. Now schools and libraries across planet earth can access programs not previously available to them, at a date and time that’s best for their needs. Plus, in the event of snow days that are typical disruptions in the midwest and northeast, schools can easily provide these programs at a moments notice.

You choose what’s best for your group

The choice of streaming platforms is completely up to the school. Some prefer Zoom, others Google Meet, others Facebook or even YouTube, all of which are reliable platforms for the virtual Wacky Science Show. While kids are not able to participate in a hands-on fashion, typical of most live assembly shows, students will have an opportunity to have the most commonly asked questions answered live by the performer. 

Daytime or family night shows

This program has been a success, not just for daytime learning, but also for family night events that include parents. Many schools are finding that by including a family component they can qualify for government funding, sometimes through Title One affiliations. Schools should check out the opportunities for their state. 

Getting on the calendar is easy

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