Side-by-Side Science: A Virtual Science Assembly

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Side-by-Side Science is a virtual assembly show
created for elementary school kids.

This newly reimagined program gets kids excited to learn basic principles of science and create amazing science experiments in the comfort of their own homes. The most exciting experiments from our two hit elementary assembly shows, SuperMarket Science and Wacky Science, have now been turned into hands-on lessons kids do under the virtual, side-by-side supervision of science comedian Doug Scheer.

Here’s how it works:

This highly interactive virtual show is conducted live through any platform a school chooses to utilize; zoom, google meet, or anything else.

On a scheduled day and time, your students follow along with our  zany and silly scientist as experiments using simple household items are demonstrated live then explained.

There’s nothing special to buy

Prior to the presentation Doug will provide a list of items kids will need to gather so they are ready to learn without any wasted time. These items are easily found in any home. There’s nothing to buy and each experiment is carefully chosen for its coolness factor, lessons learned, ease of execution, and safety.

Here’s a sampling of the easy to gather items kids will use to create intriguing and mind-bending experiments.

  • Styrofoam cups and a plastic bowl-pencils & balloons-coffee mugs & dish sponges
  • Paper, tape and scissors
  • Cooking oil & food coloring
  • Fingernail polish remover
  • A straw and a pingpong ball
  • Water bottles & string
  • Playing cards & coins
Doug Scheer, Scheer Genius School Assembly, science assembly, virtual science assembly, side-by-side science, virtual school assembly shows, virtual school shows

“Side-by-Side Science” has been a smash hit.

Thank you for the amazing Science Assembly. The students were very engaged and enthusiastic about the experiments you did. The assembly was a great way to end the virtual school day. Even though we were virtual, you included students in your experiments, kept their attention, and even asked questions, you also patiently listened to students that only wanted to make a comment about what they saw. Your patience and upbeat demeanor, especially during distance learning, was well received by all.

Nicole Black, Principal, Luigi Aprea Elementary, Gilroy, CA

Side-by-Side Science was created as a summer school program for virtual learners during the summer. And now it’s finding a following in libraries and schools that are using virtual learning platforms. Kids love to learn science, especially when the experiments they do look like amazing magic tricks. These carefully chosen experiments not only light up the imagination of a child, but they also build confidence and self esteem. Ready to learn more? Check out the exciting promo video of these interactive lessons in action.

We are ready to bring this program to you and your students. Give me a call at (248) 891-1900 or fill out our contact form and you’ll hear back soon.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

“We booked Doug for an online Zoom camp and he was nothing short of phenomenal. The enthusiasm, his knowledge, and his absolute charisma as he entertained campers remotely was amazing. He threw in some extras, just for fun, as well! We will definitely be keeping him in mind for our future events. Five stars!”

Sara Younger, Director Summer Playland