Race Towards School Assembly Funding

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Get hundreds of dollars in funding for your assembly programs – FREE MONEY!

The number one concern of schools looking to schedule professional assembly presenters for their students is funding. Parent teacher groups are constantly raising funds for the classroom needs of their students and sometimes that doesn’t leave a lot of money for extracurricular programs and enrichment shows.

Not to worry though. Michigan non-profit groups including libraries, and public and private schools have a mostly untapped source of funding readily available to them. Getting the money is much easier than people realize. It’s a simple application process. And the form will likely take less than 1 hour to complete.

Get 40% as a rebate for your assembly shows

The Michigan Humanities Council in Lansing, MI provides thousands of dollars every quarter to schools that need funding support to bring in any of the twelve educational programs offered by Scheer Genius Assembly Shows. 

The money provides up to 40% of the show cost, issued as a rebate after a performance. In order to apply, a representative from the school needs to download an application from Michigan Humanities, fill it out, attach supporting documentation (proof of non-profit status and a performance agreement for the assembly show), and hit submit.

It’s really that easy. 

Follow up and show evaluation is required

Once the performance takes place, a simple follow up and evaluation form needs to be submitted and a rebate check will be issued to the school.  Full payment of the total cost of the assembly show is due on the day of the presentation, but often Doug Scheer will happily work with you and wait until the school receives the funding payment. If a school is very tight on funds, this delay in paying the performer can be very helpful.

Want a cheat sheet?

Okay, maybe saying cheat isn’t a smart thing to do, but everyone needs a little help sometimes, right? So why not just copy the work of others? Certainly, you’d get a failing grade and sent to the principal’s office if you try that stunt in class, but when it comes to filling out the grant application, we’ve got you covered. The link below provides a copy of another school’s successful application. They got $418 refunded! You can get the same.

So, take a look at these resources and when you decide that applying really doesn’t look that hard, give Doug Scheer a call at 248 891-1900 to set up your assembly shows. You’ll need a copy of our agreement to fill out the form. Or send an email to scheergenius@mac.com and we will help you get started. 

Remember, all Twelve of our educational programs are perfect for elementary audiences. Visit assemblyshows.com to learn about the fun, educational programs we offer.