Doug’s Most Cherished Reading Routine

Adventures in Reading audience participation, Punctuation Pandemonium

School show performer Doug Scheer now releasing his most cherished reading routine: “Punctuation Pandemonium” – for elementary school assembly performers

Elementary school show performers across the continent are now able to add a punctuation routine to their reading shows that has been a staple of Doug Scheer’s Adventures in Reading assembly show for over two decades. 

Inspired by Victor Borge’s Phonetic Punctuation, Doug’s Punctuation Pandemonium creates 4 minutes of non-stop laughter as five elementary students are invited to participate in this raucous but educational routine that enforces the proper use of the most common punctuation marks; a period, comma, quotation marks, exclamation point, and a question mark. School show performers, magician, comedians and educational presenters will find this routine to perfect fit for their reading shows, especially for March is reading month presentations. 

These marks, originally given noises by Borge’s famous routine, are updated to reflect the current popularity of emojis. Each mark is initially shown to the audience printed on a poster as a colorful, cartoon emoji, and depicted as acting out their purpose. For example, the period is shown with hands indicating “stop”, the question mark has an inquisitive look on his face, and the exclamation point is shown bouncing with excitement. As five students are brought on stage, they are challenged to keep pace as the performer reads a simple story, vocalizing the punctuation marks along the way. For a clearer idea of all the excitement this routine generates take a look at this YouTube clip:

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Celebrate Dr. Seuss this March with Doug’s Adventures in Reading

With elementary schools across the nation celebrating the birthday of Dr Seuss every March, teachers will appreciate the fun and learning that this routine brings to any performance. For more information about Doug’s Adventures in Reading Assembly visit: