The New Normal: A Hands-Off Assembly Show

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The New Normal: A Hands-Off Assembly Show

The world has temporarily changed and that means assembly shows will need to change too. 

Typically, hands-on audience involvement has been a major part of our assembly shows for elementary schools but changes are now being implemented to insure peace of mind to educators and parents.  Instead of using any volunteers throughout our show, the Wacky Science Show has undergone a complete overhaul for the time being. 

By presenting virtual science shows to schools and libraries over the past 6 months, we’ve adapted to presenting our exciting and educational experiments without any in-person student participation. But that doesn’t mean that the fun is gone. Our science show has actually become more exciting and more action-packed than ever. 

More Science Experiments have been added.

Each experiment is performed in our typical, energetic and over the top style then explained in even greater detail than ever before. Students will watch the show with an even better understanding of the science principles and concepts. And these new experiments are not just time-fillers, they are fully worked out, audience tested routines.

Two Assembly Shows packed into one.

We’ve combined the most exciting and funny experiments from the Wacky Science Show and The SuperMarket Science Show into one 45 minute presentation. But that’s not all. 

Get instant access to a replay of the show.

Upon scheduling a live performance at your school, you will also get a private link to a prerecorded version of our show to share with your virtual learners as well. There’s no additional cost for this recording. It’s yours free and will remain accessible for the entire school year. Your students will watch it again and again.

Of course, science safety is of utmost importance.

Each experiment will emphasize proper procedure and only readily available household items are used.  With parent supervision, kids will recreate our experiments at home.

Large group gatherings are a no-no.

Moving into the fall this year, schools will be encouraged to limit large group gatherings. So, for the live show visit to your school we will present multiple, live shows throughout your day.  You’ll get double the performances for the same price! We will even arrive before the buses, so we are set up and ready to go long before the students enter your hallways.

Nothing beats the excitement of a live assembly show.

For any schools needing more than two shows, we are prepared to stay the whole day. For example, if you have a large student body and have required two performances in the past, we will now perform four shows, staying over lunch hour to accommodate all the children. You’ll pay only the two show price and get four performances! This way you can limit the number of kids gathered and keep them safely spaced out during the presentations. 

Book Your Hands-Off Assembly Show

We are excited for the new opportunities that are coming this year and you should be too.  Life has thrown some speed bumps into our roads but we can take on these challenges together. Take a peek at the exciting and fun promotional video of our newly packaged “hands off” science program:

Now, grab your calendar and pick a date for our visit!

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