Assembly Shows and Back To School

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Assembly show performers from around the world
are itching to get back to work.

On a private Facebook group for library and school performers a recent survey of 100 performers yielded some unsurprising results. The survey was sent to the top assembly performers from around the world. These performers all make 75% or more of their income from performing at summer library events and for school enrichment programs. 

Of the performers surveyed, 82 responded with an overwhelming majority of 58 performers indicating that they are ready to get back to work full time. Eighteen school show performers are on the fence, waiting for schools to implement restrictions on audience sizes and other precautions. And six of the respondents simply said that they are not comfortable returning based on the current situation or their health status and vulnerability. Eighteen performers failed to respond.

This survey was conducted July 5th just as the prevalence of positive test results was seeing an uptick while the deaths were continuing a steep decline. The CDC was close to removing the pandemic designation of Covid-19 and schools were just starting to form their plans for the fall. The infection numbers and outlook of the states fully opening change daily but as of the middle of July has arrived, the willingness of educational performers to come to your school is encouraging. New tests and studies are coming out daily, so the outlook changes quickly but this current positive attitude reflects hope in the community of school assembly show performers.

Enrichment coordinators looking to keep fun assembly programs a part of their curriculum this year will not have a problem finding understanding performers. 

At Scheer Genius Assembly Shows we are willing to work within your school’s parameters. Give us a call at (248) 891-1900 or fill out our contact form and tell us your concerns. We can work together to ensure a fun and 100% safe assembly show for your students this fall.