An Assembly Show Kids Can Take Home

It’s an assembly show that kids can take home. 

Schools across the country are being closed to personal instruction for the next month, making it very hard on teachers to still deliver their lessons, but kids will also be missing out on all the extra fun activities for the time being. And here at we’re doing our tiny part to put a little smile back on those little faces that normally brighten a teacher’s day. We can still teach character skills and make your students laugh.

Kids can still enjoy a professional assembly show even while school is out.

We’re bringing our show, Diversity Circus, to a location near many schools this week. So now many students across Michigan can enjoy an assembly show in the comfort of their own homes. Diversity Circus is a live 45 minute assembly show that teaches kids how to be F.A.I.R. That’s an acronym for Fair, Aware, Include, and Respect. But our school show program is also a take home DVD and graphic novel package. The DVD was professionally shot at Loon Lake Elementary School in Walled Lake, MI and then professionally edited and packaged along with a full color graphic novel. The companion book is filled with activities like magic tricks, stunts, craft projects, a science experiment, jokes, word searches, and even a recipe for candy sushi. All of these activities support the character lessons in the show.

Less than ten percent of our stock remains.

Over the past 6 years, we’ve been selling our DVD and Book package at family nights and after school events, but now 500 copies will be distributed over the next week to the little free libraries that are sprinkled throughout our communities. Each book/DVD package is safely wrapped in plastic –sealed for your protection.

Why am I doing this?

Over 15,000 copies of this book and school show DVD were originally published and now, due to advances in technology, the DVD portion of the package is quickly becoming a little obsolete. Everything is moving toward digital downloads, so it’s time to clear out our remaining stock of about 1200 copies. Now is the perfect opportunity. We sold gobs and gobs of these over the years and the next printing will have a downloadable file to make viewing even easier. This DVD is still easily playable on any computer with a DVD drive or on a home DVD player (you do still have yours somewhere, don’t you?). And here’s a little bonus: The DVD itself is an amazing magic trick. When laid onto one of the pages in the book, an incredible optical illusion makes a cartoon character disappear. You really need to see this. It’s super cool.

Now is the time to support one another.

In this time of temporary change we’ve all got to slow down just a bit. But this is also an opportunity to support one another in the way each of us knows best.

Find your copy of the DVD and book

All you need to do is find out where to get your copy. We will keep posting our drop off locations on our facebook page, so be sure to like for updates. The plan right now is to visit 25 locations over the next week and drop off 20 copies each. Depending on how this is received, we will bring even more.

But remember how the Little Free Libraries work.

Don’t forget, to get a book and copy of our school assembly show and book you need to exchange a book. So dig through your student’s book box and bring in a gently used book to trade. This is a win/win for us all. Then once all of this dies down and our world returns to normal, I’ll see your kids at their school again. Please bookmark our home page and let me know when you’d like to schedule a live show.