Now, get a spectacular school show that your teachers will love as much as the students! We’re back to doing live shows but have kept our on-line virtual assemblies on our permanent line-up. 

Doug Scheer shows for K-6 schools

You’ve found the best assembly shows in Michigan and one of the country’s most in-demand performers. Next, get ready to be treated like a rockstar as the teachers thank you for setting up these assembly shows and programs. They’re all great when performed live and in person or as a virtual assembly for your at home learners.

“We laughed as much as we learned. Doug can plan on coming back every year.”

– Erika Orton, Gretchko Elementary

Even the principal will be so happy that you chose these school assemblies, you’ll be getting high-fives at the end. It happens all the time.

Hi, I’m Doug Scheer and these are my programs.
In 35 years of performing educational school shows in elementary schools, I’ve learned one big secret: Having a great assembly show is important, but to your teachers, classroom time is precious. So when students are out of class they need to be learning. 

And these live shows combine learning with incredible fun, spectacular sets, backdrops, one of a kind props, and tons of audience participation. We also use the latest in Green screen technology to make our virtual assemblies exciting too. So, it doesn’t matter if you’re looking for a live performance in your school or a virtual assembly streamed into your classrooms, I promise to bring you first-class assemblies every time.

Choose from 12 different elementary school assembly shows including character shows like Bully-Proofing, Conflict Resolution with Leadership skills, and a Diversity program, plus my lineup also includes assemblies  that support your school’s curriculum like Environment, Math, History, Reading, Memory Skills and Science. They’re all proven winners with a track record of hundreds upon hundreds of performances each! Contact us today to learn about how we can also stream some of these shows as virtual assemblies right to your students’ computers if that suits you better.

Or, maybe you’re just looking for a just-for-fun show that’s great as a special reward for your students.  Then check out my comedy magic show for a PBIS assembly or family night. I’ve been making teachers and enrichment coordinators like you happy since 1987 — and hundreds of Michigan schools have me back regularly. Can I add you to that list of satisfied customers?

It doesn’t matter which shows you chose, it doesn’t matter if you want a live assembly or virtual program, my goal is to make you, the teachers, and the students so happy that I’ll become your number one assembly performer and I’ll visit every year. That’d be great.  Let’s discuss which program is the best assembly show for your students. And if you’re looking for a virtual assembly show to help your teachers when they need a break, we’ve got some great solutions. Welcome to my website. Thanks for being here.